Long time, no see.

How’s it going?

I can’t even remember what made me stop writing here.  It could have been Dinosaurs Can’t Eat Pizza burn-out or I somehow, after all these years, felt the need for some privacy.  Ha!  That’s a silly one since I am one of the oldest journal trainwrecks on the Internet.  That takes a special skill set right there, buddy.  I think it was a combination of things hitting the fan all at the same time.  I saw people blowing themselves up on the Internet while on The Sizzurp, the blog gossip sites started getting particularly malicious, the lack of privacy in general, etc.   Pick any goddamn reason and I’ll honestly agree that it was the reason why I quit.

So what am I doing here now?  Um, good question.  I don’t see where quitting changed my life for the better.  It was just walking away from something that I enjoyed doing.  My life didn’t improve any from not journaling online.  In fact, life kinda got to me because I didn’t have a place to vent.  And I had some real interesting shit happen to me that I have yet to process and that shit needs to be processed.  So, yeah.  I have no idea why I’m back.  I’m just going to ride this thing out and see where it takes me.

Consider this your invitation to join me.


7 thoughts on “Long time, no see.

  1. Oh this is good news! As long as the rubberband brings you back in a few days hopefully!

  2. WOW! Just clicked here on a whim – and here you are! Hope you continue to write. You were missed.

  3. YOU’RE BACK! I don’t know why I typed in your URL but I’d just typed in the DCEP URL because HEY perogies = yum but I loved the recipes especially the Amanda baiters 🙂

    Looking forward to more posts and finding out what your world looks like now.

    Canada where it’s currently hot not snowy…

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