Wednesday – June 17, 2015

It was kind of shitty of me to start writing here and then stop again for a few days, but as per my usual, life got in the way.  Ha!  I said few days when it was really over 2 weeks.  I suck.  There’s been a lot going on around here.

1.  Still dealing with the wedding of Cheyenne and Alex.  Yes, I wrote it that way even though I know Alex’s name should be first, but I’m pissed off at him.  More on that later.

2.  We had to have Fat Sadie Mae put down.  With her weight we hadn’t realized how large her tumors had grown.  The ones under her rib cage were pushing on her lungs and she couldn’t breathe.  She already couldn’t walk and there were other medical problems too (she took phenobarbital for seizures).  The poor old girl did the best that she could for us, but it was time for us to be unselfish and let her go.  I’m logical about these kinds of things, but these fucking animals take a little piece of my heart every fucking time.

I never did get my laptop moved upstairs (it’s so haaaaaard), but I’m still out here wanting to write.  Apparently these are my baby steps.