Tuesday – September 1, 2015

Insert photo of wrecked Nissan Versa here.

No, I didn’t forget to insert the photo.  I’m just waiting for Robyn to see my request and tell me how to do it.  Meanwhile, I’m just going to sit here and babble.  Rick got rear-ended by some guy on August 25.  Last night we purchased a used Minivan with the money that our insurance provider (they will go after the guy’s insurance) gave us – which wasn’t much, but we weren’t in the position to argue because we needed a car…like NOW.  We scrambled to find a vehicle and we really, really lucked out.  Rick will be driving the Honda CR-V to work.

The people who owned it kept meticulous records of everything that van had done to it.  She was also the most sincere Christian I ever met.  No lie, she is a Jesus freak that I really enjoyed hanging out with.  I can’t explain it.  But by the time this purchase was done I knew a lot of personal things about her and she knew the same about me.  Bonding over a minivan, go figure.  In another lifetime I could see us being friends, but I know the whole atheist thing might be a problem for her.  Hee!

A lot of you who have read me for years would know that I would rather stab myself in the eye than drive a minivan.  It came down to one thing – COMFORT.  It’s a Chrysler Town & Country Touring that seats 7.  That will definitely come in handy when I’m hauling my mother’s clan around.  I prefer a bigger vehicle, especially on the highway because truck drivers give me panic attacks.  My preference would have been an Expedition (Eddie Bauer edition because that’s what I love), but it wasn’t in the cards.  Too high of miles, too beat up, and I already have an Expedition sitting in my backyard (up on the hill, behind the pine trees) waiting to have repairs so it can go back on the road.

So yeah, I’ll be rocking a minivan.  If anybody can do it, it’ll be me.